Sleep, my Child

Sleep My Child was my first original composition for band. It incorporates a number of melodies associated with childhood as well as an original lullaby for my son Stephen written by my wife, Erica. A storm arose one night when Stephen was very small. He awoke, frightened by the storm, and Erica was singing to him to comfort him. This was one of the most beautiful, wholesome moments I had ever experienced, and this composition attempts to capture that experience musically. The music begins with a short improvisatory section, to simulate the sounds of the wind chimes being blown about by the storm. The mood calms as the solo clarinet begins to play the lullaby from which the piece takes its name, followed by simple counterpoint and a full ensemble statement of the melody. As one might expect from a tuba player turned composer, the melody is carried by the low brass and low reeds much of the time. Grade 3.5.

Notes by Thomas Bough

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