Rush Hour

Canadian power trio Rush capped off their 2013 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a 40th anniversary tour in 2015. Their incredibly inventive, creative music has captured the attention of audiences of all ages, all around the globe for over a generation. Now, you can bring the energy, groove, and musical complexity to your next halftime show with this arrangement, that includes "Spirit of Radio", "Tom Sawyer" and YYZ.

A somewhat easier version, playable by most high schools bands, is available as well, and includes an additional movement based on "The Trees". Drum parts in the version shown were arranged by Bret Kuhn. Drumline part and front ensemble parts for the high school version of the show were arranged by Adam Hill. The wind arrangement can be purchased separately from the percussion arrangement, if desired. Appropriate performance/arrangement licensing must be obtained from Tresona (or another vendor) before performing this arrangement.

Notes by Thomas Bough

Price: $ 500/wind parts only; $750/ wind and percussion parts

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