For many years, I have enjoyed a special collaboration with the Hubble Middle School band and their dynamic director, Mr. Blake Jancius. When we began discussing plans for the creation of music specifically for the Hubble band, I jumped at the chance to write for this talented, energetic ensemble. Since Mr. Jancius is a percussionist, and a proud alumni of Northern Illinois University, I was pleased to write some rather adventurous parts for the percussion students to play. Nearby Herrick Lake provided part of the inspiration for Leviathan: The Legend of Herrick Lake. Here's the story line that describes this piece of music:

Imagine that something very large, and very old, is living in the bottom of Herrick Lake. At sundown, look for ripples that cannot be explained, or reeds that move with no wind. After searching for the great creature….the Leviathan….all night, nearby church bells play a Bach chorale at sunrise to reveal that all is well, that the enormous dark shapes moving beneath the water were simply tricks of light and shadow….or were they?

Notes by Thomas Bough

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