Horn Concerto

The Concerto for Horn and Wind Band was composed specifically to fit the virtuostic talents of soloist Larry Williams, a professor at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. As a fellow Yamaha artist, I have worked with Larry numerous times and witnessed first-hand his fantastic performance skills and his remarkable ability to connect with young people. The first movement is entitled "Rondo", which loosely describes the form of the music. Although not a strict rondo in the compositional sense, listen for phrases and sections which are repeated throughout the movement. Initial discussions with the soloist about this composition involved our shared interest in rhythmic patterns that contrast duple and triple meter, such as the paring of 6/8 and ¾ time signatures in some styles of latin jazz. Although the jazz influence did not emerge in the final composition, this rhythmic pattern is a prominent feature of the first movement. Likewise, the influence of latin music influence shaped the entire second movement.

Notes by Thomas Bough

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