Euphonium Concerto

I am deeply grateful to the consortium sponsors who funded the creation of this music. Douglas Ruby made the initial donation after a conversation at the 28th Annual U.S. Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Conference in Washington, DC in 2011. Bill Petersen and the band from Freeport High School joined Douglas as the other primary sponsor of this project. Many others joined in as well, as listed below. The composition was completed in the summer of 2012.

The music was inspired by the musical prowess of Dr. Demondrae Thurman, one of the greatest euphonium soloists and chamber musicians of our time. The first movement was written to show off his remarkable range and technique, couched in a setting of harmonic and rhythmic unrest. The contrasting modal theme of this movement was inspired by my daughter Rhea, who at the age of 6 made up fragments of this melody while in the back seat of the car serenading her favorite blanket.

Notes by Thomas Bough

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